Expand Your Business Investment

Expand Your Business With The Right Industrial And Commercial Equipment Financing Partner

with Industrial or Commercial Equipment Financing

You’ve invested a lot in your industrial or commercial enterprise — time, effort, money and plenty of hard work.

Now you’re ready to expand your growing business with a new equipment or real estate purchase. The question is: Do you have a financing partner who fights for your company’s success the same way you do?

Capitol Leasing & Financing Service is that partner.

With extensive industry expertise, our services get you the lowest rates and most advantageous terms when it comes to industrial or commercial equipment financing. No enterprise, business model or piece of equipment is exactly the same, so our approach is custom-fit to your particular preferences and requirements.

When it comes to industrial or commercial equipment financing, CLFS has in-depth experience with all of the following (and more):

  • Industrial machinery (metalworking, tooling, fabricating, robotic, machine tools and more)
  • Wholesale food processing equipment (cooking, countertop, etc.)
  • Solar panels and photovoltaic systems
  • LED lighting and energy efficiency equipment
  • Commercial refrigeration equipment (walk-in, reach-in, display coolers, ice machines and temperature-controlled rooms)

Ready to expand your growing business with a new real estate or commercial equipment purchase? Click below to contact us or call 1-888-783-5327 to find the best rates and terms for your industrial or commercial equipment financing needs.