Electronic Equipment Financing

Accelerate Your Business With Equipment Financing For Your Next Major Electronics Purchase

To Accelerate Your Organization

Today’s world demands efficiency in every piece of digital electronic equipment, no matter whether you’re a business, non-profit or government entity.

But when it comes to financing your organization’s next major electronics purchase, you need a partner with the right level of electronics financing experience to secure the best rates and most favorable terms. No matter if you’ve already researched your specific equipment needs or you’re still weighing your options, your search should start with a financing partner you trust.

Capitol Leasing & Financing Service offers both seasoned advice and expedient electronic equipment financing when it comes to meeting your organization’s most pressing needs. We also offer structured tax leases for your electronics and technology, financing if needed.

Our past experience in electronic equipment financing includes:

  • Computers
  • Software
  • Integrated IT systems
  • Timeclock equipment
  • Security and automatic door lock systems
  • Telecom equipment
  • Office furniture and supplies
  • LED lighting
  • Solar panels and photovoltaic equipment
  • Miscellaneous electronics

Need more guidance on the electronic equipment leasing or financing process? Click below to contact us or call 1-888-783-5327 to take your organization to the next level with the best rates and terms for your next major electronics purchase.