Car Wash Equipment Financing

Learn about Car Wash Equipment Financing for Your New Business or Site Expansion

For Your Existing Business or Site Expansion

Replacing older car wash equipment with technology — or setting up a new car wash business — means you have a lot of details to contend with. Unfortunately, not managing some of those minute technicalities correctly could leave your entire investment at risk.

Successfully financing or leasing car wash equipment shouldn’t be a high-risk venture. With the right equipment financing partner, you gain the experience and insight of owners and operators who have worked in the car wash industry for over 30 years.

No matter whether you need new replacement equipment, financing for car wash construction or funding for real estate, Capitol Leasing & Financing Service (CLFS) helps you secure the funding you need to grow your business or expand your current site.

In a market that requires a 90% down payment before shipping, CLFS one of the few trusted partners in the industry who secures all of your required funds at the best rates — that’s something the competition simply can’t do. In addition, our Quick Turnaround Financing approach ensures your car wash equipment financing process is streamlined from start to finish.

CLFS finances a wide range of car wash equipment and business needs, including:

  • In-Bay friction and touchless automatic car washes
  • Express and full-service car wash tunnels
  • Self-service car washes
  • Auto dealerships
  • Truck and bus washes
  • Municipalities
  • Car wash construction and real estate

Ready to get your car wash business growing or upgraded for the future? Click below to contact us [Link to: Contact Us] or call 1-888-783-5327 to start a conversation about competitive rates for your car wash equipment financing or leasing needs.


“We have worked with CLFS for over 20 years. They understand our business needs, providing excellent service and rates to our established clients.” —Dave B., car wash equipment sales executive, northern California

“For the past 10 years, CLFS has financed six of our car wash upgrades, and we have been very pleased with the speed of the approvals. Vern’s organization of our financial files make this happen smoothly.” —Marc S., CEO of northern California ARCO am/pm

“CLFS knows the car wash and gas station industry, and with Vern’s help, I was able to upgrade both my dispensers and wash equipment and complete my station’s image upgrade. The financing process was simple and straightforward and their rate was the most competitive — a great experience!” —Arlon E., Owner of Unocal Station, Vancouver, WA