Cidery and Brewing Equipment Financing

Brewing Equipment Financing to Craft Your Business Growth

To Craft Your Business Growth

The fast-growing popularity of the craft beer, micro-brewery and cider industries have led to a tremendous demand. For brewing companies, this remarkable growth requires capital equipment expansion to keep pace with the ever maturing growth curve.

Brewhouses, bottling lines, tanks, chillers, mills, hoppers and pasteurizers are just a few of the key equipment categories CLFS has financed.

Whether you are a small, growing family-owned proprietor or a group of established companies looking to expand your equipment and grow your business, CLFS understands your business and can provide sound advice and financing solutions for your business needs.

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“I was very impressed with the ease of the application and credit approval process and the quick credit approval time. The financing terms were very favorable, and now I have all the equipment needed to grow my cider business. I would definitely use Dave and Capitol Leasing & Financing Service in the future.” —Lee Larsen, President of 2 Towns Ciderhouse, Corvallis, Oregon