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    Why Consider Equipment Financing?

    7 Reasons It’s Right for Your Business

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For All Equipment and Industries

Mission-critical equipment powers and grows your business and in today’s rapidly evolving economy, cash flow is the lifeblood of business.

Whether you’re a small local business, a mid-sized company expanding through acquisitions or an established multinational corporation, equipment financing makes business sense by preserving your capital.

With the right rates and most advantageous terms, equipment financing allows you to grow your business without sinking precious capital into a large upfront purchase. But, to find superior rates and terms on your next major finance deal, you need a partner you trust to advocate on your business’ behalf.

Capitol Leasing & Financing Services (CLFS) provides you with a distinctive experience when it comes to your company’s next big-ticket purchase, providing you with Quick Turnaround Financing, no haggling and a seamless electronic process. With superior service and extensive experience in your industry, CLFS is your clear choice for equipment financing.